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The Mind care India is a pioneer in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Marital Counselling

The Mind care India is a pioneer in marital counselling

What is Stress?

In general terms stress is caused by tension. Stress when interpreted psychologically also means the same. When an individual is put under physical and/or emotional tension, causes stress.

Stress when left unchecked can lead to depression & other severe psychological issues. Get in touch for the best psychological help to address your issue effectively.

Treating Strees, the Indian Way?

Our aim is ‘Treatment without Medicine’. Heavy Psychiatric medicines can cause severe impairment in daily activities along with dangers of addictions.

Applying foreign psychological therapies directly to Indian situations might not be the best & effective way to tackle the issue. All the psychological needs to be modified & ‘Indianified’ for the larger population for effective implementation.

We treat our clients combining a holistic amalgam of Advance Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and counselling based on Indian psychological principles. We have well experienced and well-equipped psychologists & therapists to guide you in the journey of a healthy and holistic life.


Are Stress counselling sessions confidential?

We at mind care India take it as our utmost responsibility to keep all the matters discussed within mind care India premises & on official contact number confidential. All the case files are kept confidential are not accessible to any private entity apart from Mind Care India.

Symptoms & Reach Out

What are the Symptoms of stress?

There can be a wide variety of symptoms of stress. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

1) Digestive issues

2) Forgetfulness

3) Appetite changes

4) Headaches

5) Stiff Jaws / neck / Body Pain

6) Tiredness

7) Sleep troubles

8) Weight gain / Loss

9) Substance use for relaxation purpose

This is not a complete exhaustive list of all the symptoms. If you feel uneasy mentally, feel free to connect with us for help.

When should I reach out?

If you feel under pressure or tension for a elongated period of time along with any of the above given symptom, connect with us to get the best psychological help in Chennai.

You will be assessed using clinical assessment questionnaires to determine your state of mind & measure your score to quantize your depression in numbers. This will be used to treat you further along with counselling & therapy.



How Does Stress Therapy Work?

There is no one pill solution or the easy road in resolving marital issue. There are a variety of approach that can be used to resolve issue. All this revolves around acceptance. The couples have to accept each other’s counter parts; they have to accept each other’s short comings to rectify themselves. This will pave the way for a better marital life.


What Is the Success Rate of Stress Therapy at mind care India?

We have a success rate of 100% till date since the date of inception.

The Mind care India till date has never had a marital counselling that has ended on divorce or separations of any kind.

How long does depression last?


Stress can last for few days to weeks. If untreated & unchecked, it may lead to other severe problems like depression, MDD etc.

Get the best psychological help by contacting us as soon as possible. Better now then late!

Change to holistic lifestyle now

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