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Client feedback reflects the service, and decorum of the organization. At The Mind Care India, we believe that a happy client and their words are the measure of success for our dedicated efforts and service.

A place with a very holistic approach for your emotional needs. Thank you, Dr Lakshmi for your guidance, your radiant & welcoming smile never once made me feel I was in therapy, but was talking to a good friend. I would definitely recommend Mind care center to anyone who is looking for a good place for your mental well-being.

Ms. Raji Santosh

Mind care is an excellent center for counselling. Dr. Lakshmi T Rajan is a well reputed Counselling Psychologist & Therapist. She is very sincere and an inspiring professional. Thank you so much Ma’am for all your guidance and support. I strongly recommend this center for all.

Mr. Manai Sankar

Great help overall. The doctor was kind and attentive, ensured my problem is heard and got all my questions answered. Exercises and psychotherapy given were really helpful to bring back my focus and own self. Highly recommend this place!

Ms. Syndia Mailstore