Treating Depression
without Medicine

Using advance Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and counselling

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What is Depression?

Depression is defined as “Depression is extreme sadness or despair that lasts more than days” by American psychological association. Depression has entered the fancy town nowadays. The incorrect usage of the term and self-diagnosis is a huge problem. This is a very common & serious illness than can be treated with simple techniques & therapy.

More & more young adults and the larger population are being seriously affected by depression primarily due to toxic lifestyle.

Depression if not treated in time can cause serious issue to an individual and/or their surrounding environment

Treating Depression, the Indian Way!!

Our aim is ‘Treatment without Medicine’. Heavy Psychiatric medicines can cause severe impairment in daily activities along with dangers of addictions.

Applying foreign psychological therapies directly to Indian situations might not be the best & effective way to tackle the issue. All the psychological needs to be modified & ‘Indianified’ for the larger population for effective implementation.

We treat our clients combining a holistic amalgam of Advance Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and counselling based on Indian psychological principles. We have well experienced and well-equipped psychologists & therapists to guide you in the journey of a healthy and holistic life.


What are the Symptoms of depression?

There can be a wide variety of symptoms of depression. Here are some of the most common symptoms:

1) Feeling sad or having a depressed mood

2) Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed

3) Appetite changes

4) Sudden gain/loss of weight

5) Loss of energy and constant fatigue

6) Feeling worthless

7) Difficulty in thinking & concentrating

8) Negative intrusive thoughts

9) In severe cases, thoughts of death & suicide.

This is not a complete exhaustive list of all the symptoms. If you feel uneasy mentally, feel free to connect with us for help.


When should I reach out?

If you feel deep sadness and/or despair for an elongated period, you need to seek out for help. The Mind care India Offers Special therapy techniques to tackle with this issue.

You will be assessed using clinical assessment questionnaires to determine your state of mind & measure your score to quantize your depression in numbers. This will be used to treat you further along with counselling & therapy.

How do I reach out?

We’re available 6 days a week and have specific office hours. Get your appointment now.

Are depression counselling sessions confidential?

We at The Mind Care take it as our utmost responsibility to keep all the matters discussed within Mind Care India premises & on official contact number private. All the case files are kept confidential are not accessible to any private entity apart from Mind Care India


How long does depression last?

Depression can last from few weeks to months. If untreated & unchecked, it can last for years leading to other severe mental illness such as MDD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and many more.

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