We Treat Without Medicine.

You are not Alone, We are with You”

Meet our Eminent Counselor, Psychologists and Psychotherapist Today.


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We Treat Without Medicine.

“You are not Alone, We are with You”

Meet our Eminent Counselor, Psychologists and Psychotherapist Today.


Monday – Friday 10:00 – 6:00
Saturday 10:00 – 7:00
Sunday Holiday

 +91 9445670257

Welcome to Mind Care India

The Mind Care is India’s #1 premier and best Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy center in Chennai. We aim to assist people in overcoming the emotional barriers or psychological problems caused by stress, depression, relationship breakdown, traumas, phobia, lack of self-confidence, Psychotic disorders, Personality disorders, OCD, PTSD etc. We provide online and in-person counseling. Get Professional counseling from an experienced eminent psychologist today, Book your appointment now.


We treat all type of mental health issues without medicine through our best psychologists, eminent counsellors, psychotherapists and yogic scholar.
We ensure personalized and confidential mental health services for everyone.

Mind needs more care than body

A doctor understands physical illness, but it’s most important to talk to someone who understands your emotional difficulties

Online Counselling

Which makes you more comfortable, open and gives privacy. You can be more regular with appointments. Take Your First Step Towards Happiness.

In Person Counsellor

Meet our eminent Counsellor, Psychologists and find a solution to your issues Get Counselling in a safe, & confidential environment.& bring back your happiness.


Treat without Medicine

Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Phobia etc.

Psychotherapy is an effective way to treat people with any type of mental illness, and Our techniques are very simple to follow and highly effective.

What is Brhdhi Vidya – The Indian Psychotherapy

Welcome to the world of Brhdhi Vidya Indian Psychotherapy (BV-IP), a profound approach that traces its roots to the wisdom of ancient Indian thinkers. This is a proprietary psychological therapy technique introduced by The Mind Care.

Why Brhdhi Vidya – The Indian Psychotherapy

The BV-IP model focuses on the underlying emotions that are responsible for distorted and negative cognition, which primarily consists of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This distorted cognition acts as the primary feature of mental heath issues.

Treatment without medicines

The therapy is based on a cognitive formulation, the feelings, thoughts and behavioural strategies of a specific disorder. Therapy is based on a conceptualisation or understanding of individual clients, their specific beliefs and patterns of thinking and behaviour.


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Patients, their families, and friends leave The Mind Care India with kind words almost every day.
We appreciate their taking the time to share their positive experiences with the care they received, their progress toward recovery, and their “The Mind Care India Experience” with us, which we are happy to share with you here.


Great help overall.. The doctor was kind and attentive, ensured my problem is heard and got all my questions answered. Exercises given were really helpful to bring back my focus and own self. Highly recommend this place!

Syndia Mailstore

Whoever went to Mind Care India, comes with a happy face. I would highly suggest people to visit here and get your counselling done and live a stress free life.

Parvathy TS

I actually had a great stress and depression in my work but after coming to this centre I saw a great change in my opinion now I controlled my stress completely. I definitely recommend this center.

Renganath Sridhar

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