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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression Therapy or Transpersonal Therapy is based on the ‘law of cause and effect’ or ‘law of action and reaction.’ The issues that we face today, may they be physical chronic ailments that are not responding to conventional therapies, mental and emotional problems psycho-somatic diseases, troubled relationship are the effects that are seen in present and the cause lies in the past. Going to the root cause by delving into the past, resolves the issues and makes present better. Unresolved issues, unfinished agendas, traumatic events and deaths those are not understood or assimilated continue having an influence in our present life. Our subconscious mind carries all these memories. By bringing these subconscious memories into conscious awareness in a state of ‘altered state of consciousness’, the effect goes away. The transformation is amazing.

What are the Benefits?

  • Identify disempowering patterns of life.
  • Connecting to the root cause of these patterns.
  • Release known and unknown emotional burdens.
  • Understand the reasons behind undesirable behavioral patterns, breaking them.
  • Understand and resolve difficulties in a relationship.
  • Get an insight to breakthrough a difficult professional climb, failures.
  • Bring out the passion in one’s life.
  • Welcome new beginnings in life with grace and compassion.
  • Give yourself the time to introspect in a focused manner.
  • Fill up emotional voids with self-empowering will.
  • Release past experiences that restrict one from exploring the future.
  • Beneficial in healing people with physical, mental and emotional ailments and spiritual growth.

Who can undergo?

  • People suffering from Physical ailments like asthma, backache, migraine, skin problems, unexplained infertility, other chronic-psychosomatic diseases which do not be respond to the conventional therapies.
  • Mental problems like irrational fears, phobias, mood disorders, low self-confidence & self-esteem , no clarity about future, indecisiveness, repeated failures, and other psychological disorders.
  • Emotional problems like loneliness, sadness, unexplained anger, depression, panic and anxiety, relationship issues etc.
  • When a person feels, there is absolutely no resolve for a problem.