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Gain hands-on experience!

Join our world class internship programme today!
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Learn theoretical and practical knowledge of assessment and therapeutic approaches.

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For undergraduate and postgraduate students

Internship Program for Psychologist & Psychotherapist
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Strengthen Your Professional Competence & Knowledge

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Internship in a safe environment learn from Home!

Online Internship
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As effective like a traditional in-person internship. Strengthen Your Professional Competence, Subjective Knowledge, Bring Confidence and Caliber in your career.

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During internship

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In Mind Care Journal for Mental Health

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Internship  Program

The importance of a quality internship program for both undergraduate and postgraduate psychology students are vital importance for their academic career. Internships, which might be better termed “practice internships,” may involve research, while research opportunities may come in the form of work-study programs or volunteer positions.

This program is well-designed by The Mind Care to help the students understand the internship process and pre-professional opportunity to prepare for a successful career in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. It enhances awareness of the responsibilities and skills needed for professional employment in the psychological services. Provides an understanding of the behaviour and learning potential of clients.

Applications are invited from interested and enthusiastic candidates who have an urge to pursue a unique educational and practical opportunity which will further enrich their academic and career achievements.

Advantage of  MCI Internship

Hands-on Approach

The internship will provide hands-on approach for better understanding about the practical aspects of Counseling and Psychotherapy in the Mind Care Center for Mental Health.

Online Internship

Virtual Internship / Online Internship, you will be completing your internship without a commute and directly from your own laptop! With same aspects like a traditional in-person internship

online classes

Study with live online classes at the convenience of your home. Strengthen Your Professional Competence, Subjective Knowledge, Bring Confidence and Caliber in your carrier.

Publishing Research papers & Articles

You will get an opportunity to publish your  research papers and articles on intersections of Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy in Mind Care Journal for Mental Health


Needless to say, MCI internship is one of the most valuable certificates of a student’s life as it certifies the student’s professional competence.


MCI is committed to mentor during and after the internship to help students achieve their academic goals by supporting participation in professional conferences

Types of Internship

For UG and PG psychology/Social work students

Weekly Schedule

  • 1st week

Counselling Skills and Body Language & 24 practical counselling techniques 

  • 2nd week

Applications of psychopathology in clinical practice & Case discussion Part 1 (Counselling & Clinical)

  • 3rd week

Various Psychotherapeutic techniques useful in the Indian Setting & Case discussion Part 2 (Counselling & Clinical)

  • 4th week

Various assessments used in clinical/ Counselling practice & Case presentation (Group discussion / Role Play)

This will be followed by a case presentation.

Assignments/ Report Writing/ Record maintenance 

Fees – Rs 5000

Hours – 120 / 240 hrs

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  • 1st week

Counselling Skills and Body Language, 24 practical counselling techniques & Various assessments used in clinical/ Counselling practice

  • 2nd week

Case discussion (Counselling & Clinical) & Case presentation (Group discussion / Role Play)

Assignments/ Report Writing/ Record maintenance

Fees – Rs 3000

Hours – 30 / 60 hrs

to know more about this program click here


  • Beginner Counselors with Psychology/Social Work/Counseling Background
  • Psychology UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Social Work UG, PG and M.Phil Students
  • Counseling & Psychotherapy Students
  • Psychiatric Nursing Students

Our Students are from  Around the world

Steps to follow to join internship

1) Call us to confirm availability of slots. Click here to contact

2) Pay the fees for the chosen Course through the payment button given below. You need to make the payment first to fill the form. Make a note of the payment details made by you for further reference.

3) Fill the application Form after paying the course fee. The application form is given below.

Payment Section

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